Community Created Tools

Below you will find a collection of useful tools created by member of the community. These tools are vital to a CryptoKitties Breeder. Remember to thank the folks who created these tools if you see them on CryptoKitties Discord Channel.

CK Box Chrome Extension

This Chrome Extension allows you to see a kitties primary cattributes, gems, jewels, and hidden cattributes along with other useful information like pure breeds and best position of cattributes, all at glance. Check out CK Box Chrome Extension.

Heaven Cat

Heaven Cat is for kitty pair management, user-friendly hidden genes search, bulk transactions and an awesome kitty showcaser. . Check out Heaven Cat.

Kitty Helper

This tool allows you to view past and current market activity. You can view current sales, and do advanced searches to help determine the price of specific traits, generations, or any combination of variables. Check out Kitty Helper.

Rudemoose's Dark Mode CSS

This CSS hack allows you to see CryptoKitties website in a darker theme. Easier on the eyes. Check out Rudemoose's Dark Mode.

Crypto Kitties Data

This tool allows you to view all your kitties Visible (Active) and Invisible (Hidden) genetics, Search the marketplace for hidden cattributes, Search for Jewels, Search for Fancies, and much more. Most features are free, but some advanced features are paid. Check out Crypto Kitties Data.

KittyCalc Gene Reader

This tool allows you to view your kitties Visible (Active) and Invisible (Hidden) genetics. The tool is in an easy to read visual layout. Just put in your Kitty's ID number to get the complete genetic code! Check out KittyCalc's Gene Reader.

KittyCalc Breeding Calculator

This tool allows you to view the possible outcomes of breeding any two CryptoKitties. The tool is in an easy to read visual layout. Enter both Kitty ID numbers into the calculator and find out their mating potential. Check out the KittyCalc Breeding Calculator.

Kitty Anomaly Tool (KAT1)

This tool evaluates the difficulty score of a Generation 1 CryptoKitty. Check out Kitty Anomaly Tool (KAT1)

Derpy's Unofficial Kitty "Jeans"

This spreadsheet keeps track of all the new and retired cattributes along with the dates they were first seen and their highest position in Gen0. Check out Derpy's Unofficial Kitty Jeans.

Ethereum Gas Station

This tool allows you to see how much Gas is necessary to do a transaction on the Ethereum Blockchain. Check out the ETH Gas Station.

Freak's Breeding Tool

This tool allows you save breeding pairs and breed without needing to be on CryptoKitties official website. Suggested for advanced breeders only. Check out Freak's Breeding Tool.

CK Wallet Online

This tool allows you to view marketplace kitties Visible (Active) and Invisible (Hidden) genetics in a nice graphical interface. Check out CK Wallet Online.

RollDiceClub - CryptoKitties

This tool allows you to view overall market stats for the last week, top sales of all time, along with a variety of other useful tools. Check out RollDiceClub.

Kotobaza Trait Tracker

This tool allows you to view the rarity and prices for retired Gen0 traits and rare Gen1 traits. Check out Kotobaza Trait Tracker.

Kitten Mitten's AutoKitty Scripts (Advanced)

This collection of scripts was created by Kitten Mittens. These scripts will help automate certain aspects of breeding and buying Kitties. Check out Kitten Mitten's AutoKitty Scripts.